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Air to Ground Radios  GD-MS ATC CM-350 (V2) UDX VDX

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Air Traffic Control (ATC) radios need to keep pace with the demanding volume of air traffic. Knowing that your ATC radios can perform well in a high stress environment helps to make your job a little less stressful.


  • Winner of FAA’s NEXCOM Segment 2 — The CM-300/350 (V2) VHF/UHF radios are the first deployed in the National Airspace System that support VoIP global standards. Standardized radios mean less costs and more flexibility with your radio equipment.
  • Remote Maintenance and Monitoring lets you support an almost unlimited number of radios from one location.
  • High Reliability - The CM-300 Series radios boast unprecedented Mean-Time-Between-Failure rates, meaning you won’t have to worry about the radio breaking down.


Designed for transceiver needs with frequency agile co-site requirements, the new CM350 (V2) UDX and VDX ATC radio options leverage the FAA certified CM300/350 V2 series and build on our reputation for quality and reliability and deliver:

  • Embedded Frequency-agile Co-site Filter – Increased RF interference protection without the need for 1 for 1 fixed frequency back-ups – reducing the footprint
  • Optional Touch Entry Display Remote Control Unit – Facilitates emergency back-up communication systems
  • Software-defined Upgradeability – To meet future standards
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) – Compliance to EUROCAE ED-137 for standard digital audio interfacing and remote connections
  • Built-in Test – Comprehensive and rapid equipment status information
  • Automatic Switch-over – For back-up power engagement
  • Passive Cooling – No fan means less maintenance, quiet and highly reliable operation
  • 100% Useable Receive Channels – Ensures reliable reception regardless of frequency assignment

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