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Key Team Members


B. Doc Carroll, Founder & President 

Byron is a veteran that believes that getting the right gear into the right hands is the first company goal.  If we have the right gear great, if not, we will get it. Byron Is a Paul Harris Fellow. He was decorated as a Paratrooper Combat Medic in the US Army, received Congressional Recognition for his service in 2012.  Mr. Carroll won the NC state masters division public speaking competition, twice. He started the parent company to Carroll Communications in 2006, and lives just North of North Myrtle Beach, SC.

Mr. Savoie has 20 years of experience in the financial services industry.  He began his career at Wells Fargo Bank, where he spent most of his career with Evergreen Investment Management Company and held positions such as Director of Portfolio Analytics, Director of Product and Market Analysis and Head of Business Intelligence & Analysis. He currently works for TIAA, FSB and is the Director of Investment Performance & Reporting. He holds the CIMA®, Certified Investment Management Analyst, a designation from the Investments & Wealth Institute and the CIPM®, Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement, a designation from the CFA Institute.


Mr. Savoie has a Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice (Pre-Law) and the Master of Business Administration (MBA) from East Carolina University.  He also completed the NC Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) at Pitt Community College. 


Mr. Savoie served as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division.  His last assignment was as the Training & Operations Non-Commissioned Officer for A Co. 1/504th Parachute Infantry Regiment where he was responsible for the daily functions of a 130 man Parachute Infantry Company. Duties included personnel actions, training, operations, and logistical function all while maintaining a Secret Clearance.  


Mr. Savoie also was an elected office for the town of Indian Trail, North Carolina.  Indian Trail is located south of Charlotte, with a population of about 38,000 making it the 22nd largest in North Carolina.  For 2 years during his tenure as a councilman, he was a voting member of the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO).  CRTPO’s responsibility was to coordinate transportation policy for local governmental jurisdictions within the Charlotte Urbanized Area, with an area that covered 3 counties and a population of over 1.12 million.

Mr. Brant Rosson,  VP
Brant Rosson has been an IT Professional for 20 years with a wide range of design and implementation experience.  His work background includes duties of ISP system administration,  where he setup and managed 2 ISP companies, performed server installations, maintenance, and upgrades.  Brant has managed a 13 site WAN for a school system that included 12 schools and a central office.  He performed large scale deployments of workstations in addition to server upgrades and expansions. He also was in charge of managing and maintaining about 1200 pcs on this network.
Brant also has owned multiple companies that outsource IT products and services to small to medium size business in western NC.  He was tasked to provide custom and specialized solutions based on a wide scope of customer needs.  He also started an HTI  (Home Technology Integration) company that performed an end to end product and service installations for high tech homes.  This scope of work included everything from network and phone to lighting controls and alarm systems and Audio/Video solutions. From this, He took on a role as a college instructor at a local community college leading a new work force in the emerging market of HTI.  He also has  performed other tech training. Brant also has extensive knowledge in network infrastructure design and installation.  He has used a variety of products to make this happen from enterprise Wi-Fi, Fiber products, copper cabling and point to point solutions.   He also has sales/install experience with phone systems from PBX to  VOIP systems , Brant has installed and managed several manufactures and types of phone systems.  In summary, Brant is able to handle a customer from the sale to the completion of installation of many IT products on the market.  He has a vast understanding of how technology systems work together to provide seamless solutions to the end user 
Jobs held
System Administrator  -  Wave Communications (ISP)
Lead Computer Technician – Alexander County Schools
Service Manager/System Administrator – SanTech Computer Services
President – BR-TEK , Inc
Customer Relationship Manager – Voyss Solutions
President  - Rosson Technologies, Inc
Director of Technology – Carroll Communications
Certifications Held
Cisco Sales Expert
Certified HP repair Tech


R. Henson,  Trainer 

(Not pictured)

I have been working in the US Army’s Special Operations community either as an operator or a trainer for over 22 years. During this time, I have worked with or trained military personnel and police officers in 31 countries. I have been to every shooting school the Special Forces have to offer, including Sniper School and our 8 week CQB course. The last two years of my 12 years in the Army was spent as a primary shooting and hand to hand instructor for the 7th Special Forces Group, and I still live just outside of Ft. Bragg NC to this day. Within a few years of leaving the Army I was able to complete a Masters Degree in International Relations with an emphasis on National Security, and I still travel as a trainer, consultant and sometimes operator. Recently I have helped other companies develop training and security programs for, Grand Coulee Dam, Glen Canyon Dam, Dept. of Energy Nuclear Transport Teams, and the AMTRAK Rail Marshalls. I also still routinely provide training in around Ft. Bragg NC to Special Operations Forces.  

Col. Fletcher W. Ferguson, Jr., Scuba Trainer
Born 2 January 1952, he grew up and attended primary and secondary school in Abbeville, SC.  Following graduation from high school, he entered The Citadel in Charleston, SC, graduating in 1974 and accepting a commission in the United States Marine Corps.  He began his Marine Corps career as an infantry officer, later attending flight school where he became a helicopter pilot.  During his thirty year Marine Corps career he served at stations in the United States, Japan, and aboard US Navy ships in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Caribbean Sea.  While assigned as a flight instructor in Pensacola, Florida, he attended Troy State University and earned a Master’s Degree.  His duty assignments included tours as an infantry officer, assault support helicopter pilot, flight instructor, squadron commander, and finished his career as a Colonel serving as the Military Assistant to the Under Secretary of the Navy.
After retiring from the Marine Corps in 2004, he began recreational scuba diving, and advanced to the rating of Rescue Diver.  In 2006 he joined the Fifth District Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. in Clarksville, MD and began service as a Public Safety Diver and firefighter. He continued advancing his diving certifications, becoming an Open Water Scuba Instructor with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) in 2008 and a PADI Public Safety Diver Instructor in 2011.  Following successful completion of the PADI Course Director Training Course in June 2015, he earned the rating of PADI Course Director, the highest professional rating in recreational scuba diving.  In addition to the full range of PADI courses through Instructor Development, he teaches 23 PADI Specialty Courses, two PADI Distinctive Specialty Courses, and is a PADI Instructor Trainer in 20 PADI Specialty/Distinctive Specialty courses.  He is an Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer, an instructor with the Handicapped Scuba Association International, and an Instructor Trainer for the full range of Divers Alert Network courses.
Bob Sullivan, VP, is a 35-year Navy veteran who served in both enlisted and officer ranks through a variety of operator, technician, manager, administrative and executive leadership positions throughout his career. He has been stationed on a Knox-class FF, a Spruance-class DD, three Aegis CGs and two Nimitz CVNs, his last sea tour as commissioning Combat Systems Officer of the USS GEORGE H W BUSH.
Bob has experience in a wide-spectrum of communications equipment in the MF-EHF world, Interior Communications (SPP/IVCS), SITE, Ethernet/Fiber/WIFI unclassified and multi-classified LAN/WANs, RADARS (2D/3D air-search, surface, air-control and automatic landing systems), RF/SAT/Inertial/RLG Navigation systems, CIWS, SeaSparrow and RAM weapon systems and yes..even good ole POTS.
Bob, as commissioning Commanding Officer of the Center for Surface Combat Systems Unit Great Lakes, helped usher in the second phase of the Navy’s Revolution In Training. He took his command from a primary self-paced Computer Based Training format to focus more heavily, using principles from the Science of Learning, on use of an Integrated Learning Environment (ILE), Simulation, Hands-on and instructor-led topics. All of which helped to decrease student under instruction time while increasing the much needed apprentice level trained ET, FC, GM, IC, OS, BM, and QM ratings to the Fleet.
He is published in Fathom and Ship’s Safety Bulletin articles.
Bob brings a passion for electronics and technology to Carroll Communications. And enjoys being a part of the cutting edge technologies of today and the tie-in to the legacy products which evolved them.

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