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UPak  Quick Deploy Antenna

Prod. Code:C060QDM


The General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies uPak C060QDM is an extremely lightweight, integrated and compact quick deploy terminal that provides a high bandwidth connection capable of high speed data transmissions. Extremely rugged, portable and fully integrated, C060QDM is the only terminal of its type without any removable parts. The unit can be comfortably carried in a rucksack across rough terrain and checked in as airline baggage.

  • Extremely lightweight and compact – fits into a rucksack or a piece of checked luggage

  • Easy to deploy and setup - <30 seconds

  • Provides high bandwidth connection enabling high speed data transmission

  • Ruggedized and weatherproof to withstand harsh environments

  • Assisted, fast acquisition via intuitive beacon peaking system and award winning GUI




The C060QDM is exceptionally easy-to-use, has a high gain, is multiband, can acquire and be used on any satellite using its award winning GUI, and can be out of its bag and operating live in three minutes. When it comes to portability, reliability and powerful connectivity the C060QDM is second to none.

  • High performance 60cm folding antenna

  • Fully integrated - no removable parts

  • Assisted, fast acquisition via intuitive beacon peaking system and award-winning GUI

  • IATA compliant - 15kgs / 33.07lbs, sub 62” accumulative dimensions (LxWxH)

  • Cartridge Modem system

  • Rucksack/bag transportable

  • Weatherproof to IP55

  • MIL STD 810G compliant

  • Ka, Ku and X band

  • Skynet approved

  • ITAR free

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